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06.12.2019. - 01.01.2020.

The best Advent Fair on the Adriatic and the only plastic free advent in Croatia - Adventura will begin on the Feast Day of St. Nicholas with excellent atmosphere, song and dance.

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06.12.2019. - 08.12.2019.
Šibenik Cruiser Regatta

Šibenik cruiser regatta will be held for the 18th time in a row in December on behalf of St. Nicholas. Over 50 cruisers and 500 guests from Croatia and abroad, take place in this regatta.

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08.11.2019. - 10.11.2019.
Jabuka Regatta

This legendary offshore regatta takes yachtsmen along the 110 mile enduring route from Vodice to Jabuka Island and back. The regatta is famous for its night start and mystical Jabuka Island, including the characteristically strong winds and a long and exhausting race.

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Šibenskih deset i Draženova četvorka

The Šibenskih deset i Draženova četvorka (Šibenik as number 10 and Dražen as number 4) race will be held on the occasion of celebrating the birthday of the legendary basketball player Dražen Petrović.

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Gabre's Marathon

The second Sunday in October in Vodice is usually reserved for a traditional recreational mountain bike marathon in memory of cyclist Gabriel Skočić and his colleagues, the firefighters who courageously and tragically died on the island of Kornat in 2007.

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Murter Lateen Sail Regatta

The Lateen Sail Regatta "Latinsko idro" was organised for the first time in 1998 as a part of the Feast of St. Michael, the patron saint of the Parish of Murter.

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25.09.2019. - 28.09.2019.
Jezera Big Game Fishing

The Jezera Big Game Fishing event is an exciting international sporting competition. Its aim is to hunt for big fish and gather great sport fishermen from all over the world. The competition is held in the village of Jezera on Murter Island at the end of September. The initiator and co-organizer of the event is the local sport-fishing association "Punta rata".

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Šaša and Pulenta Day

Keeping the old customs alive, the Vodice Tourist Board and the Vodice Pearls Association give you the Šaša and Pulenta Day, a unique gastronomic event that teaches about traditional ways of preparing tomato sauce and cornmeal. Come to Vodice and taste the dishes of our ancestors!

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06.09.2019. - 08.09.2019.
International Medieval Fair

Besides the international festival for children, Šibenik is well-known for the International Medieval Fair. The fair that is held every year at the end of September in the honour of St. Michael (the patron saint of Šibenik) started in 2005 and since then the town has been bringing back the enchanting spirit of medieval times.

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