Discover natural and gastronomic heritage of Dalmatia Šibenik

Tech-driven promotional campaign by Mastercard and Šibenik-Knin Tourist Board invites travelers from Italy and Netherlands to Croatia

If rich gastronomic & wine diversity and nautical activities in lush archipelagos are among one’s priorities for the next vacation, Šibenik-Knin County is the place to explore

Zagreb, December 5th, 2022Mastercard and Croatian Šibenik-Knin County Tourist Board have teamed up in implementing a joint promotional campaign focusing on the markets of Italy and Netherlands. The innovative data-driven campaign, with an aim of motivating tourists to visit Croatia, is based on the data from Mastercard’s Tourism Insights platform that provides an overview of the needs, habits and passions of modern travelers. Visitors are targeted through digital advertising, social networks and PR, and activities will be carried out in these markets during December.

“Thanks to the Tourism Insights solution, we know for a fact what today's tourists want, where they spend their time and how they seek inspiration”, said Gea Kariz, Marketing Director, Mastercard in Croatia. “In a very competitive environment, being able to shape the tourist offer and target marketing investments based on the data insight, as well as to meet travelers’ needs in a personalized way, makes this promotional campaign an important step in the new era of presentation of the tourism offerings to spark the cross-border travel”.

Šibenik-Knin County has shown innovation and recognized this opportunity to stand alongside the world's biggest players, such as London, Paris, Madrid and New York, who are already using the tool. “Tourism is one of the most important economic branches of Sibenik-Knin County. Our goal is to constantly improve it and offer guests exactly what they are looking for. I am proud that by using data we have the opportunity to make a big step in this direction”, said Prefect of Šibenik-Knin County Marko Jelić.

Understanding the consumer journey as a method for having a competitive edge in a highly competitive industry

As the campaign is based on the better understanding of the plans, interests and desires of potential visitors, Mastercard’s Tourism Insights platform proves to be an indispensable resource. This platform combines data of search engines, social media and transactions and analyses the entire consumer journey before, during and after travel. This provides destination management organizations detailed insight needed to make informed decisions, making investments smart, targeted and economic, and as part of this campaign it was used to identify target markets and major tourism products that were found to be most sought after among Italians and Dutch.

Travelers’ actual needs in the center of the campaign concept

Besides destinations facing with challenges in understanding newly formed consumer journeys, travelers find it demanding to search the offers and services before a vacation, and they are still in risk of missing some important experiences.

This campaign connects visitors and their identified passions directly with designated experience providers in their chosen vacation spot. Content is placed within two categories – Active Lifestyle and Gatronomy&Wine – presenting experiences and benefits throughout Croatia. In this way, Mastercard® cardholders triggered by promotional activities will be able to, for example, rent a car at the most affordable prices to explore Dalmatia easily or book their stay via with various payment benefits, and immerse into custom-made experiences which will enable them to find out more about the tradition and people.

From archipelago of uninhabited islands to rich gastronomic diversity, Šibenik-Knin County is packed with things to do and see

Tourists that choose Sibenik area for their next destination can discover Dalmatian delicacies, sample traditional dishes and top wines of the region, and take home an unforgettable gourmet experience. Also, they are able to enjoy the charms of the entire county – relax in the tranquility of numerous crystal-clear bays and narrow channels spotted with green islets; explore sparkling calm bays and lovely islets, sail around lush archipelagos, yacht along the picturesque coastline, learn more about maritime traditions and feel the desire for wandering the open turquoise sea.