̈ Cheeses and wines of our region ̈ on St. Michael's Fortress

Do you know why wine and cheese are a dream pair?  Wine loves salt, and cheeses are mostly salty, so it is often kissed with the fat that cheeses have. Then, there are plenty of flavors in the cheeses that also enhance the wine experience. In conclusion, cheese increases the taste of wine because the fats from cheese coat the taste buds responsible for the bitterness so the wine has a sweeter and more fruity taste. Cheese and wine have another common characteristic: both foods reach the peak of taste during a certain ripening time. This combines two foods that carry the same qualities of the country in which they are grown, so they complement each other well.


In our region there is a long tradition of consuming cheese and good wine.

Here we have picked out several domestic producers whose products you can enjoy during your stay in the Šibenik area.


OPG Anka Đidara

In Velušići near Drniš there is a stable and a cheese factory which Anka Đidara diligently runs. Last year, they invested in expanding the herd to improve service to their customers. If you try her premium cheese once we are sure you will buy it again.

Craft Stone

Craft Stone started operating in 2015. by raising and selling lambs. In the meantime, they opened a small cheese factory and concluded the production process from raw material to finished product. They produce about 3 tons of hard sheep's cheese a year, in addition to selling domestic lambs and processing milk. They have a large land to feed the sheep and they raise everything organically, which benefits the preservation of the environment.

I-PAK cheese factory

The I-PAK cheese factory has nurtured the tradition of cheese production for over twenty years, using a unique recipe that deserves prestigious awards and medals for quality. All cheeses and dairy products are made from valuable cows whose first-class milk is carefully selected. In addition to cheese, they bring a real Dalmatian feast to your table, with meat delicacies, top quality wines and honey, we guarantee you will not remain indifferent or hungry!

Winery Ante Sladić

The family winery with a long history, authentic and autochthonous wine made from hand-picked grapes from an ecological vineyard in Plastovo, boasts top quality wines and vine cultivation. In Plastovo, a village with a specific microclimate influenced by the Adriatic Sea and the Krka River, due to its high level of limestone and the diversity of soil, the Winery Ante Sladić creates wines of all stylistics of high quality. DebIt, Lasin Opol, Plavina, Maraština, Debit Oya Noya and Tribidrag with their diversity tell us all about the different soil species in such a small but naturally rich area. By coming to wine tasting in this winery you will get to know the autochthonous wines of the Skradin area, as well as learn everything about the art of wine production itself.

Winery Rak

Modern equipment and state-of-the-art winemaking methods enable Winery Rak a high level of winemaking and a quality perennial aged wine. The specific climate of the Šibenik area allows this winery to grow two autochthonous wine varieties – Babić and Maraština. The rich history and great experience gained from 1960 to the present day is an indicator of their inherited love for wine and viticulture and the enviable qualities acquired during all these years. The winery also offers a tasting room where all their wines can be tasted as well with local specialties.

Winery Baraka

Family boutique winery that provides guests with premium wines in limited quantities and slow, manual access in almost all steps of production with continuous testing and raising quality. It is located on the Srima peninsula, between Šibenik and Vodice. Surrounded by the estuary of the river Krka, the Adriatic Sea and the beautiful canal St. Ante creates a special terroir for their wines. The first wine, Prisbus, which is still produced exclusively with grapes from the first family vineyard, began their wine history. Red wines are associated with the names of Dalmatian history and culture, and Barone, Mocira and Timbar stand out. We also offer white and rosé wines Maraština, Debit and Malena. If you decide to taste the wines of the Baraka winery and taste these wines, you will get to know the family tradition and the characteristic conditions of the vineyards from which these wines originate.


We invite you to pay a visit to some of the local producers and try to enjoy the pairing of Šibenik cheeses and wines.

To find the locations click on the link: https://bit.ly/winecheeseroutes


Note: This piece of information has been written by Tourism and Hospitality School of Šibenik students working on a project activity which aims to build their participation in local community, practical skills needed for their proffesional development and supporting their interests and capacity to learn.