Culture & Heritage

Distinguishing Cultural Features of the Region

Immerse yourself in antique and medieval history, stroll around preserved archaeological sites, explore imposing fortified strongholds, visit grand churches and monasteries, check out interesting ethnographic museums and exhibitions, and simply revel in cultural abundance that this county offers!

By being located at the crossroads of historical trade and military routes, the region was often defended against invading forces or influenced by their pervading culture, naturally embraced during the periods of their lengthy presence. Today's rich and lasting legacy of the county has in a way developed from fortunate outcomes of otherwise unfortunate events, as local architecture and artwork were blending nicely with the patterns and designs of Roman, Turkish and Venetian masters.

Many important archaeological sites and distinctive secured strongholds, frequent hallowed and adorned churches of varied styles, as well as several colourful monasteries and museums, thrill, enlighten and transport you back to the historic period of your choice!

Rich and Lasting Legacy