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The gastronomic Tradition of the Region

Discover a rich gastronomic diversity of the region, try elaborate traditional dishes, enjoy succulent continental meals, taste excellent seafood and light Dalmatian delicacies, appreciate colourful local sweets, savour superb wines and aromatic liqueurs, and take home with you a memorable gourmet experience!

The gastronomic tradition of Šibenik-Knin County is widely known. The similarities with Italian and Turkish cuisine are quite obvious, which is connected to the long Venetian and Ottoman rule in this area during the Middle Ages. The main characteristics of local cuisine are fresh food and in most cases simple preparation, with not too much spices and aromatic plants (except parsley, garlic, onion and bay leaf), and it can be divided in two major varieties, the one connected to the coastal and insular part and the other characteristic for the continental part of the county.

Rich Gastronomic Variety