Top Things to Do in the Inland

Top Things to Do in the Inland

Try out the world-famous local cuisine

The hinterland of Šibenik has an incredibly rich and diverse cuisine that can satisfy all gourmets, regardless of their preference. Satisfying delicacies from Drniš, such as cheese preserved in dried sheep skin, sheep milk cheese, prosciutto, arambašići (cabbage rolls), roast lamb baked ispod peke (in an open fireplace, under a metal cover); meat dishes from Skradin like koprtlje and Skradin veal risotto (a dish difficult to prepare, traditionally made only by men), sea delicacies like bižot (eel brudetto) and ćokalice (small fish that live between the upper fresh water layer of the Krka River and the lower sea water layer); desserts like the Skradin cake (a delicacy made of almonds, walnuts and honey), bruštulani (sugared almonds), figs, service tree berries, arbutus (strawberry tree) berries; aromatic brandies made of cherries, pears, blueberries, jujubes, walnuts and rose petals; quality wine varieties like debit and maraština (white wines) or lasina and plavina (red wines), will captivate and excite your senses, making you crave another bite!

Stroll Around Fortified Strongholds of Kings and Noblemen

The important strategic position of the Dalmatian Hinterland demanded adequate protection even in the Roman period, as there had always been plenty to defend and even more to conquer. The medieval defensive forts of Šibenik-Knin County had been scattered across the land, coast and islands alike, however the inland strongholds were predominantly built first, matching the rise of the Ottoman Empire. The rival noble houses of Šubić and Nelipčić were either fighting the Turks or each other, thus they were mainly building smaller forts for their own military needs. The larger scale and today's most preserved structures, with a notable exception of the earlier Knin Fortress, started to spread along the coast during the Ottoman-Venetian Wars as a part of the renowned Venetian Defence System and nowadays remain one of the biggest tourist attractions of the region.

Admire Rich Cultural Heritage and Learn More About Local Traditions

The rich cultural heritage of the inland is speaking volumes about the turbulent history of the region and its robust, industrious and pious people. From the Illyrians and Romans to the Turks and Venetians, everyone left a valuable legacy and made a profound impact on material culture and lastingly vibrant customs. Preserved archaeological sites, impressive defensive strongholds, adorned sacral buildings and outstanding artwork of great build-masters like Ivan Meštrović will give you a lot to admire and even more to learn. Be sure to visit the Knin Fortress and the Roman military camp Burnum, to stroll around traditional dry-stone walls surrounding charming villages, to step into the churches of St. John the Baptist, St. Roch and Our Lady of the Rosary in Drniš, the church of St. Salvation near the source of the river Cetina or the monasteries of Our Lady of Mercy and Krka in the homonymous national park, to revel in Meštrović's sculptures, or simply spend a lovely afternoon in the exceptional Etnoland Dalmati theme park!

Elevate Your Spirit with Thrilling Sports in Tranquil Environments

The inland of the county is an exceptional place for engaging in many exciting nature sports and outdoor activities. The rugged hilly terrain bounded by crystal-clear pulsating rivers greatly facilitates various sporting pursuits as: biking, horseback riding, trekking, hiking, canyoning, rock climbing, canoeing, zip lining, buggy riding etc. If you want to train and stay in shape while all the time having great fun, the peaceful environment of stunning natural beauties will lift your spirit, kindle your mind and leave you both energetic and serene for weeks to come!

Discover Oases of Pristine Nature

The Dalmatian Hinterland abounds in oases of peace scattered around wonderful waters and magnificent mountains. The vigorous rivers like Krka, Cetina and Čikola have a dynamic flow that creates gorgeous lakes, ponds, tributaries, confluences and waterfalls with pure freshwater and a rich ecosystem, whereas formidable mountains like Velebit and Dinara shelter teeming wildlife and dominate the area with their great solid massifs, forming natural borders and dividing the inland between the Adriatic Coast and Western Bosnia. Before leaving the county, you should really not miss seeing the amazing Cetina Springs, witnessing the breath-taking Krka Waterfalls, experiencing the incredible Čikola Canyon, trekking towards inviting Promina Mountain, climbing the inspiring Velebit range or biking across the scenic trails and valleys of Dinara!

Explore Krka National Park and Its Amazing Beauties

The specific geological structure of the travertine karst area surrounding the stunning Krka River has created one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe, one of just few where you can even enjoy swimming and showering underneath charming cascading falls. Krka National Park consists of seven spectacular waterfalls, comprises around 40 interesting caves and pits, neighbours several impressive archaeological sites and medieval fortresses, and serves as a protective habitat for more than a thousand diverse plant species and various endemic and endangered animals. Furthermore, Krka National Park offers sightseeing boat tours towards the lovely Krka Monastery, the spiritual centre of the Orthodox Dalmatian Eparchy, as well as towards extraordinary Visovac Island and its 16th century Franciscan monastery.