Mussels and Debit – a Match Made in Heaven

Taste Šibenik mussels with local wines

You have probably seen shellfish farms around the area of the Šibenik Bridge where mussels or, as they say in Šibenik, pidoče are farmed.

Due to the nearby river Krka and phytoplanktons mussels feed on, the area produces especially fast-growing and large mussels. Although the mussels would not be able to survive in fresh water as they are really a marine shell, the nutrients that the river flowing through karst, limestone terrain significantly contributes to its growth and quality.

Mussels start to grow in spring, with the arrival of warmer weather, turning fuller and more delicious. Around that same time new Debit is poured into bottles and is headed to the market.

They meet at your table and allow you to enjoy a rich and young mussel and a fresh and light Debit. Try this match made in heaven yourself.

Get to know Taste Like Dalmatia Šibenik and get ready for a memorable experience!

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