Top Things to Do on the Islands

Top Things to Do on the Islands

Sail and Yacht Around Charming Private Islets

The Šibenik Archipelago is an excellent place for sailing and yachting, as there are a great number of peaceful and uninhabited islets grouping around larger, albeit still quite small islands of the area. The charming green patches of land scattered across the friendly sea, particularly from the islands of Zmajan and Kaprije westward, are ideal for romance, contemplation, swimming and soaking up serenity and beauty of crystal-clear sunny beaches.

Enjoy Superb Seafood and Home-Made Wines

The islanders of the area are well-known for excellent seafood specialties and tasty home-made wines, especially among yachtsmen and other sailors that frequent local "konobe", i.e. small and peaceful traditional taverns. Some high-profile celebrities are regular guests of a few such taverns on the islands of Kaprije and Žirje, e.g. If you prefer more animated festivities of local cuisine, visit some of the eventful gatherings like "Brudetijada" (a celebration of Dalmatian fish stew) on the island of Zlarin.

Visit Vibrant Festivals and Festivities

Whether you prefer an indigenous expression of traditional folklore and its melancholic ballads or more boisterous excitements of contemporary music festivals, you will enjoy the rich and diverse cultural life of these islands. From various carnivals, processions, ceremonies and ethnic dance evenings to modern pop, rock and dance concerts and ambient music, there is plenty to experience and participate in, especially on the islands of Zlarin and Prvić or the islandsMurter, where the Cultural Society Koledišće is doing a great job in preserving local intangible heritage.

Check Out Exciting Traditional Regattas and Interesting Water Sports

There are several great international regattas on these islands and some are having additional value in trying to revive traditional lateen sailing. The most famous ones are "Latinsko idro", held in late September on the island of Murter, and "Burtiž", held in late August on the island of Prvić. Besides these impressive regattas, the islands offer communal amateur sport contests that usually end up in revelry, as well as some more prestigious water-sport competitions and tournaments.

Dive and Examine Rich Seabed of Clear Waters

The Šibenik Archipelago provides perfect conditions for all sorts of diving activities, from scuba diving to deep sea diving. The islands like Krapanj, Prvić and Zlarin are especially favourable for exploring marine life and searching for beautiful corals and sponges embedded in the strings of continuous shallow reefs, apparent in the familiar name for Krapanj ("The Island of Sponges"), e.g. Beside these waters, do not miss diving around the Kornati Archipelago, a haven of pristine nature and an ecosystem with magnificent seafloor!

Visit Lovely Historic Churches and Museums

There is no shortage of charming historic churches and interesting ethnographic museums on the islands of the archipelago. For example, one can explore the medieval Church of Saint Helena (the mother of Constantine the Great) and the Monastery of the Holy Cross (containing valuable paintings and incunabula) or the panoramic Baroque Church of Saint Roch, as well as visit the temporal exhibition of Faust Vrančić's great inventions, the collections of sponges, corals, amphorae and pottery, the Museum of Shipbuilding etc.

Learn About Indigenous Culture of Shipbuilding and Seafaring

The islands of the area have long history of building terrific fishing boats and producing skilled and well-known seamen, so those more interested in the seafaring subjects and nautics can learn a great deal. The village of Betina on the island of Murter has had a particularly established shipbuilding tradition (presented in the local themed museum) of nurturing great craftsmen. The permanent exhibition highlights the skills of Betina's shipbuilders and educates about distinctive and colourful first-rate vessels, from small fishing boats called "kaić" to larger.

Traverse Inspiring Biking and Trekking Trails

The abundance of olive groves, lush vineyards, frequent fig trees, dense underbrush, coniferous woods and mildly sloping hills on the islands offers beautiful panoramic trails ideal for biking and trekking.