Top Things to Do Along the Coast

Top Things to Do Along the Coast

Enjoy Excellent Clubbing and Exciting Nightlife

As the centre and the largest city of the region, Šibenik has several great night clubs. However, the real international hubs of club music and partying are Vodice and Primošten. The clubs like Hacienda, Makina Exit, Opium and Aurora, e.g., are all globally recognized and frequented centres of ultimate fun, where myriads of celebrated DJs till the early hours entertain crowds of exhilarated guests in search of an unforgettable clubbing experience.

Go Boating Around Some of the Most Arresting Bays of the Adriatic

Wherever you decide to spend your vacation, the coast of Šibenik-Knin County provides exceptional conditions for an outstanding nautical experience. Lake Prokljan, Zaton Bay, St. Anthony's Channel, Pirovac's small bays, the islets around Vodice and Šibenik, the deep blue waters of Grebaštica, and the surrounding turquoise sea of Primošten and Rogoznica are only some of the most appealing spots for exceptional nautical tourism.

Have Great Fun at Many Local and International Festivals

The coastal region of the county excites and dazzles with a variety of interesting and renowned festivals. From music, dance, arts and film to food, travel and children's festivals, you can spend the entire summer visiting one great stage after another. The seaside resorts however focus more on a local indigenous experience, whereas Šibenik particularly excels in contemporary international events.

Get Familiar with Local Customs and Various Inviting Festivities

In the coastal part of Šibenik-Knin County there is a number of interesting festivities that can draw your attention, educate and connect you to local customs. Folklore and gastro events, medieval fairs and battle re-enactments, carnivals, legends and amateur contests all deepen the experience of the communal idiosyncrasy that openly presents its charm and flair to a broader international audience.

Admire and Explore Stunning Nature

The entire county is a haven of natural beauties that causes deep repose and serenity, as well as uplifts the spirit, and the coastal area is by no means exception. One can revel in tranquillity of numerous crystal-clear bays and narrow channels spotted with lush green islets, admire magnificent panoramic views embracing both land and the sea, or explore various scenic pathways and bodies of water that merge into one stunning whole every step of the way!

Discover Rich and Fascinating Cultural Heritage

Beautiful sacral architecture and medieval monuments, preserved archaeological sites and historical cores of the cities, as well as impressive fortresses and delightful lighthouses along the coast, enchant and leave in awe. Šibenik's cultural heritage alone commands the utmost respect and admiration of all visitors, as UNESCO has already rightfully recognized, but the smaller coastal resorts like Vodice, Primošten, Pirovac and Tribunj also offer ample evidence of earlier vibrant communities that can be traced all the way back to antiquity.

Relish Light Specialties of Local Cuisine

Whether you want to dine in some of great town restaurants and taverns or try home-made products of rural households and farms, the coastal cuisine of Šibenik-Knin County will delight you with its variety and simplicity. The abundance of fresh juicy seafood and great olive oil, mild herbs and spices and exquisite garnishes, great red wines like Primošten's famous "Babić", ripe sheep cheese, "luganige" sausages, light dishes like "soparnik", "gregada", "lešada", "brudet", and slightly seasoned grilled fish will all fill your nostrils and excite your taste buds in one memorable gastronomic experience!

Practise Various Water Sports or Cycle Around Scenic Routes

If you enjoy practising water sports, the coast of the county is offering virtually all of them at all locations. Furthermore, you may learn or train in some of the clearest waters in the Mediterranean. If you prefer panoramic views, there are also plenty of opportunities for parasailing. However, if you are more into biking, you will be surprised how such a relatively short coast abounds in numerous superb scenic routes (overall more than 2450 km in the county). Those around Vodice are probably the most demanding ones, so the one called "Eagle's Circle" hosts a thrilling World Cup MTB XCO race.